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About Us

Furniture Profiles has served the Midwest's most discriminating homeowners for over 40 years. Custom made furniture has a unique quality that says WOW! when you enter a room. Our furniture is a better value than store bought and fits your personal needs. You select any type of wood and pick from dozens of finishes to achieve the look you desire. The result is that your Living Room, Office, and Bedroom will look exactly the way you dreamed it from the start.

Anything is possible to build no matter what style, function or dimension. You can select elegant moldings to create a rich traditional look, the simple lines of mission style or the rounded corners of sleek contemporary design. Describe the look you want on your own or show us a picture from a magazine, either way, we can build it for you.


In today's homes we have designed and created many home entertainment centers, the focal point of many homes. Design and function come together to accommodate the unique needs of our clients. We have designed centers with TV screens ranging from 30" to 100" with surround sound and storage for all media including CD's, DVD's Books and games for the family.

Home Offices and Libraries are also increasingly popular serving the needs of the executive at home. Store bought furniture cannot cater to individual needs. Our designs will suit your work style and can conceal your office equipment behind quality cabinets when not in use.

The list of possibilities is endless, fireplace walls, corner TV units, library units, bars for a game room, or any type of furniture for any need can be accommodated by our experienced design team.

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